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Malaysian GP Countdown

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finally f1 2011 info

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finally f1 2011 info

Post  s0ft_c0p1 on Fri Jun 03, 2011 5:52 am

Stephen Hood, chief game designer on F1 2011, says this year's Formula 1 game from Codemasters is all about the multiplayer, admitting F1 2010's multiplayer offering "wasn't brilliant at all". In a hands-off presentation of his game's salient points, Hood tells us this time there'll be full a grid in online multiplayer races (that is, 24 cars in each, with 16 of those driven by human players). After F1 2010 limited the cars on the track in multiplayer to just 12, properly filling the grid is a welcome upgrade--albeit a no brainer. Also welcome is the prospect of the new two-player splitscreen mode, featuring the same full 24-car grid.

What else does F1 2011 have to offer, besides the year's new teams and drivers? Additional season 2011 rules, says Hood, along with the 19 circuits with additions for 2011. There are also KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems): battery packs which harvest energy from a car while it is braking, saving it for a boost of power later on. New also are Pirelli tyres and DRS: the Drag Reduction System that changes the state of the car's rear wing to aid overtaking.

F1 2011 also brings handling advancements with a view to "bring the pace down" and make players think about racing strategy rather than just moment-to-moment action, says Hood. And there's a new driver AI system in place to produce computer-controlled characters with more lifelike racing behaviour. The damage system has been enhanced, we're told, with a car's handling degrading over time, for instance, based on the way you drive. Visual improvements are promised as well, with better-looking tracks, lighting, and a full day-to-night transition among the pledges from Codemasters.

In the game's more complete career mode, Hood tells us players will really "live the life" of an F1 driver--not with wealth or celebrity girlfriends, but by means of cinematics in the Parc fermé area, enhanced garage visuals and atmosphere, and a new press feedback system in which you get sent press clippings with headlines based on your in-game actions. There's a co-op championship mode, too, in which you can play with a friend as a team-mate through an F1 season.

Promising though the new gadgets, modes, and upgrades sound, we've seen none of these in action in the shape of an actual live demo just yet, and had no word on whether we'll see a safety car this time around--but look for more at E3, at which Codemasters also promises to unveil a whole new game mode

F1 2011 features a whole new lighting system, dynamic clouds (which are more impressive than they sound) and hugely improved background scenery, right down to blades of grass. As you can see from the first screenshots, the weather system is also looking fantastic. 2011 introduces a new Parc Ferme area, an expanded and revamped Paddock, new Pit Lane, celebration and reaction cinematics and an enhanced media interaction system promising to fully immerse players in the world of driving cars well fast.Mechanical breakdowns will now feature in the game.

It's a balance that the studio claims to have struck; damage will come about primarily through the driver's own actions, while the weaknesses of the car at their disposal will play a small but significant factor (meaning that, for what it's worth, Red Bull's KERS will prove unreliable, while the HRT will disintegrate if someone frowns in its direction

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